International Patients Care

Fly from anywhere on earth to receive exceptional medical care for your illness. Right from your first connection with us, we have a special team to support you and take care of all your needs. We leave no stone unturned to make your healthcare journey a comfortable experience.

Our Services

A Personal Medical Coordinator

Once you reach out to us seeking treatment for a health condition, we assign a personal medical coordinator who will be your point of contact throughout your time with us. Contact your international medical coordinator for any assistance related to your travel plans, transportation services to and from the airport, scheduling your appointments, and providing you with the necessary information about your treatment process.

Travel and Medical Visa Assistance

Planning your travel while you are ill is stressful. Our team understands this and they assist in making travel arrangements for you and your family. They also help in the process of getting a medical visa by arranging the necessary documents.

Airport Pick-up and Drop

Once you land at the airport, we will be available with suitable transportation to pick you up. Similarly, post your treatment, we will drop you off at the airport.

Comfortable and Quality accommodation

We make every effort to provide you with an accommodation that meets your requirements. You can communicate your needs with your medical coordinator, and they will ensure to arrange a place that not only has your requested facilities but also embodies comfort and quality.

Personalised Treatment Plan

Your surgical treatment plan is carefully constructed by your doctor based on your health requirements. Our healthcare experts will assess your health condition, collect your medical history and accordingly set about planning your surgery and a postoperative treatment plan.

Billing and Insurance Support

We understand that you are recovering and we do not wish you to stress much over your billing and insurance process. You will receive excellent support from us on this front.

Post-Discharge follow-up through Video Consultation

To make sure you are recovering well, our team will arrange for a video consultation between you and your doctor.

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